"Peter of USA"

Peter N. James is an American author, international speaker, and expert on U.S. national security affairs.  A physics graduate from Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland, Ohio. Peter was photographed here in the Excelsior Hotel lounge near the U.S. embassy on the Via Veneto in Roma, Italy. During the Cold War, as an aerospace and rocket engineer with the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft (PWA), Florida Research and Development Center (FRDC), a division of United Technologies in West Palm Beach, Peter coordinated the firmís foreign technology program with the United States Air Force. An 800-page SECRET report that he authored, which was requested by the Executive Office of the President, received high marks throughout the U.S. government; it was the first to document major Soviet rocket and missile developments that were previously unknown by the U.S. government.  

Peter and his older brothers (Norm J. James and the late Herbert A. James) are first-generation Americans whose parents immigrated to the United States from Europe. Herb, the fencing coach at Case-Western Reserve University, was a commercial artist (Herb James Inc.) in Cleveland and inducted into the Cleveland Sports Hall of Fame in 1978, having personally won more than 280 individual fencing medals over a 20-year period, including eight All-Ohio championships and the 1968 "Canadian Hero's" epee championship. Herb was the first person to win an All-Ohio championship in all three weapons -- Foil, Epee, and Saber. Norm, is the designer of the Firebird III, the General Motors gas turbine futuristic car that was unveiled in 1958 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. He is also an inventor and named in numerous patents in the aerospace industry. His unique patented design of a telescope on a spherical mount earned Norm first place in the Stellafane telescope astronomers competition held annually in Springfield, Vermont. Norm was also one of the designers of the Lunar Rover, the vehicles that presently rest on the lunar surface following the manned Apollo missions. Norm is the author of the book,  "Of Firebirds and Moonmen".