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Peter N. James
"Author, Speaker, Whistleblower, Spy -- The American"

No principled ex-spy with Peter's background can possibly enjoy his retirement and silently sit by
as events both in the United States and abroad needlessly spin out of control


I Gave More Than a Thousand Programs Like Those Below During the Reagan-Bush Presidencies.
It Is Dangerously Worse Now Due to Obama-Clinton Operatives That Made "Government an Unholy Profitable Profession" !

"International Espionage and Terrorism"
"How You Can Expose Corruption"
"The Embryo of an American Police State"
(Based on the forthcoming autobiography of the maverick they called "The American")

This Unclassified Commentary Was Made on 2 August 2017 for a Specific Purpose

During the Trump Presidential Campaign of 2016, CNN Became Known As The "Clinton News Network" or "Fake News".
News coverage by NBC, CBS, and ABC soon mirrored CNN to the delight of Democrat politicians, their supporters, and groups known as RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) and NEVER TRUMPERS, many of whom joined a movement that they began calling "The Resistance", all aimed at stopping President Trump from accomplishing any part of his promised (and elected) agenda. The election of President Trump on Nov. 8, 2016 temporarily saved America from being destroyed by a very powerful corrupt political-criminal empire, also supported by power-hungry government officials in high places.

(U) In August 2017, the Trump Administration will announce the beginning of tough measures aimed at prosecuting criminals inside and outside the U.S. government that violated federal statutes including the Espionage Act and other national security laws. This will trigger a reaction by "The Resistance" and "Fake News" aimed at (a) removing President Trump from office and (b) regaining control of the U.S. government's trillion dollars-plus budget and all government files that can send former very corrupt government officials and Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations to prison. This is a war that Americans cannot afford to lose.

I Am Now Retired and Am Looking For a Pro-TRUMP MAGA ENTREPRENEUR TO ACQUIRE and DEVELOP this domain name.

The Domain Name is

Originally Registered on November 11, 2004

The Domain Names,,, and were originally registered more than a decade ago, knowing that there would come a time when corrupt very powerful people would attempt to use the national television media to permanently destroy the America that our founders created. Money Talks. I am retiring and invite one or more creative members of a national movement composed of a group known as the "DEPLORABLES" to acquire these names as a package and to legally use the Internet to hold accountable those organizations and people that are using the media to destroy the freedoms we Americans currently enjoy.

Boycott CNN Sponsors: The domain name was officially and originally registered on November 11, 2004. Its pre-paid registration has been extended to November 11, 2017. Its single ownership makes it possible for the same registrar ( to transfer to a new owner in a matter of days. We have also always used the same reputable escrow service ( to protect buyers. The money is not released by to the seller until the transfer of the domain name is made to the buyer AND the buyer confirms to that they are satisfied with the transfer and they have control of the domain name. The process works as it should and provides domain name buyers who email us an assurance that they are in fact dealing with reputable people.

Email Offers to:
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Until Now -- See Below


The "Boycott " Domain Names  Shown Below are NOW For Sale as a Package. YES, Members of Political Organizations Are Welcome to Make Offers FOR USE IN 2017 and BEYOND IF NECESSARY Boycott ABC Sponsors Boycott CBS Sponsors Boycott CNN Sponsors Boycott NBC Sponsors

 This is part of the Protect the United States project. If the national press and media choose not to fulfill their constitutional responsibility to protect the public's right to know when "government" and/or its "representatives" abuse their power, our constitution allows Americans to legally express themselves  (freedom of speech) by either boycotting or praising the very advertisers and sponsors that financially support the press and media.

For example, CNN has pounded the Trump Presidency on a daily basis since his inauguration with what millions of Americans have branded as "Fake News". CNN's sponsors are seldom pressured to contact the network to reflect the views of millions of other Americans who feel that "Fake News" can be destructive to our nation and democracy.

Accordingly, the domain name can be developed so CNN can hear directly from sponsors who help pay their bills such as staff salaries. We don't watch CNN, but during Attorney General Sessions' sworn testimony before the U.S. Senate on June 13, 2017 to counter allegations by fired ex-FBI Director James Comey, we noted the following sponsors (Twitter addresses shown) advertised:

@MissionAthlete, @LQ, @AskLiberty, @QuickenLoans, @LW_Security.

Imagine what could be done if a competent organization were to take over this domain name, develop it properly, and identify hundreds of CNN sponsors for internet users to either boycott (or praise) their products? New ball game.

This also applies to American corporations, businesses and/or "high profile" individuals that benefit from their relationships with politicians and who publicly or privately support politicians that introduce legislation beneficial to "America".

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on one's point of view) "money talks". Just as the national press and media have the right to expose or ignore abuses of government power, the American public has the right to support or boycott the sponsors that help support financially the national press and media.


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