Boycott CBS Sponsors -- 2017

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Originally Registered on November 11, 2004

The Domain Names,,, and were originally registered more than a decade ago, knowing that there would come a time when corrupt very powerful people would attempt to use the national television media to permanently destroy the America that our founders created. Money Talks. I am retiring and invite one or more creative members of a national movement composed of a group known as the "DEPLORABLES" to acquire these names as a package and to legally use the Internet to hold accountable those organizations and people that are using the media to destroy the freedoms we Americans currently enjoy.

Boycott CBS Sponsors: The domain name was officially and originally registered on November 11, 2004. Its pre-paid registration has been extended to November 11, 2017. Its single ownership makes it possible for the same registrar ( to transfer to a new owner in a matter of days. We have also always used the same reputable escrow service ( to protect buyers. The money is not released by to the seller until the transfer of the domain name is made to the buyer AND the buyer confirms to that they are satisfied with the transfer and they have control of the domain name. The process works as it should and provides domain name buyers who email us an assurance that they are in fact dealing with reputable people.

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Peter N. James, P.O. Box 510281, Punta Gorda, FL 33951-0281 USA

Typical Example: The May 1, 2017 Anti-Trump Tirade By Vulgar and Low Class "Comedian" STEPHEN COLBERT Was Immediately Denounced by Decent Americans, But NOT by CBS or Its Sponsors.


The "Boycott " Domain Names  Shown Below are NOW For Sale as a Package. YES, Members of Political Organizations Are Welcome to Make Offers FOR USE IN 2017 IF NECESSARY

Boycott ABC Sponsors

Boycott CBS Sponsors
Boycott CNN Sponsors
Boycott NBC Sponsors

 This is part of the Protect the United States project. If the national press and media choose not to fulfill their constitutional responsibility to protect the public's right to know when "government" and/or its "representatives" abuse their power, our constitution allows Americans to legally express themselves  (freedom of speech) by either boycotting or praising the very advertisers and sponsors that financially support the press and media. This also applies to American corporations, businesses and/or "high profile" individuals that benefit from their relationships with politicians and who publicly or privately support politicians that introduce legislation beneficial to "America".

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on one's point of view) "money talks". Just as the national press and media have the right to expose or ignore abuses of government power, the American public has the right to support or boycott the sponsors that help support financially the national press and media.


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Peter N. James, P.O. Box 510281, Punta Gorda, FL 33951-0281 USA