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NFL Owners, the Television Industry, and TV Sponsors Have Given Battered Women and Abused Children the Back of Their Hands for Decades. This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.  In the Spirit of John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Charles Bronson, and Charleton Heston, or Living Legends Like Clint Eastwood  or Liam Neeson, the Time Has Arrived For Americans to "Level the Playing Field". The ONLY LANGUAGE that NFL Owners, the Television Industry, TV Sponsors, and Their "Role Models" Understand is MONEY!

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Analysis and Plan of Action

The handling of the NFL's (National Football League) latest DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and CHILD ABUSE cases indicates that the NFL, the television industry, and some of their sponsors have much to learn about decency, civility, violence against women and children, and the law: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and CHILD ABUSE in America are unacceptable crimes.

The Television Industry and NFL Sponsors have more influence over the NFL compared to the small number of ticket holders who might be inclined to "Boycott the NFL" by not using their already-paid seats on "any given Sunday". On the other hand, millions of Americans who watch NFL televised games and spend billions of dollars on advertised products have more influence with television networks and their sponsors than do NFL owners.

NFL players are role models whether they like it or not. NFL owners and the television industry have made billions of dollars using the services of NFL "role models"; they all want to keep the "Gravy Train" going.

When it comes to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and CHILD ABUSE, history has shown that the NFL, the television industry, and their sponsors have not done the right thing and they will not do the right thing as long as "MONEY" is more important to them than the values our country was founded upon. If "MONEY" is the only language that they and their "Role Models" understand, it's time to use their own value system against them to achieve positive results, whether they like it or not.

The majority of the American public does not have to spend one dime on products promoted by sponsors who continue to give DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and CHILD ABUSE the back of their hands. It's time for Americans to evaluate how NFL criminals are handled by the judicial system compared to other Americans who commit the same crime. And, this applies to all sports, the entertainment industry, and all of America as well.

Peter N. James September 2014

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Commentary -- Recommended Plan of Action That Will Work
NFL Sponsors, the Internet, and Domestic Violence

The domain name can be used to make some very positive changes in America's culture.

The mistreatment of women and children, commonly known as Domestic Violence, is an unacceptable crime that has been tolerated by those who should know better and committed by those who are seldom held accountable. The reality is that most Americans who love attending NFL games in person, whether as season ticket holders or occasionally on Sundays, would rather be entertained for a few hours than participate in a long duration boycott of NFL games over an issue like "Domestic Violence". NFL owners and the Television Industry already knows this. In fact, their public relations people are working 24/7 to turn the current negative publicity around so that they all can return to "business as usual".

Maybe not. There is a reason why America has laws involving Domestic Violence (just ask the millions of  battered women and children who have been abused in America) and why perpetrators are not treated equally under the law. Unfortunately, some Americans, especially high profile athletes and entertainers, believe that they should be treated as the "First Among Equals". They at times have enough influence to either ignore the law without fear of being prosecuted or they know that "Money Talks".

Wearing a uniform with a number on it and running on green grass or an artificial surface is worth millions of dollars to today's professional athletes. Many are pampered and protected by NFL owners and a Television Industry that has made it possible for an athlete to earn millions of dollars a month without having to worry about going to jail. They know that they are part of a team that has made it possible for NFL owners and the Television Industry to make their own millions. Yes, "Money Talks" but it can be used as a two-edged sword.

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Follow the Money

During the Watergate Scandal, which ultimately led to the resignation of Richard Nixon as President of the United States, the Senate investigation was guided successfully by a very fundamental principle: "Follow the money."

The same principle can be applied to the NFL. It is a "no-brainer" that the NFL and Television Industry are dependent on sponsors who over the years have earned billions of dollars paid by Americans who have purchased products advertised when covering NFL games live and afterwards. Any American organization that values the free enterprise system will guard its "bottom line" by making sure that its customer base is happy. Now, why would any board of directors of any American organization jeopardize its "bottom line" by allowing subordinates to participate in the promotion of "Role Models" who clearly have committed Domestic Violence against women or children? One answer: NFL owners and their sponsors have found it to be very profitable to focus on the entertainment value of each NFL game, not on "soon-to-be-forgotten negative issues" like Domestic Violence and Child Abuse committed by the very players responsible for enriching their coffers.

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Most Americans still believe that men are expected to protect women and children. Fortunately for NFL owners, the Television Industry, and NFL sponsors, these Americans are known by them as "the silent majority". Well, thanks to the Internet and "social media", this is about to change. The domain name "" will go on the market on 29 September 2014 and there is no reason why the long overdue conversation involving the NFL, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse can't begin. Waiting for the NFL to take the lead is no longer an option.

Early education on the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse issues is part of the solution.  Ideally, it would be gratifying to involve secondary and high school volunteers throughout the United States using the Internet to research and monitor all NFL advertising. What are the public positions of NFL sponsors on the issue of Domestic Violence? And why can't the Internet be used to praise sponsors who have condemned Domestic Violence while simultaneously documenting positions by NFL sponsors who have ignored unacceptable conduct by "NFL Role Models"?  Hopefully, will be used by a new owner who has the time and creativity to deal with the NFL and its Domestic Violence and Child Abuse issues.

Making America a Safer Place to Live -- For Everyone
Those advertisers, sponsors and television networks that continue to support the NFL without publicly and specifically condemning DOMESTIC VIOLENCE have a lot to learn: Dealing with American consumers that may finally decide not to spend one dime on products promoted by sponsors who for decades have given DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (battered women and child abuse) the back of their hands is just the beginning. The NFL scandal underscores the fact that an American entertainment industry continues to worship and place more value on MONEY than decency, civility, and the law.
Something all Americans should know: The U.S. intelligence community has proof that Middle East terrorist leaders are recruiting future terrorists using excerpts of videos of American R-rated television programs and movies that depict battered women, abused children, other forms of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and/or pornography. Time to level the playing field by forcing the entertainment industry to make positive changes by using the only value system it understands: MONEY. It will make America a safer place to live.

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