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Originally Registered on May 9, 1998
Aerospace Retirement: The domain name was officially and originally registered on May 9, 1998. Its pre-paid registration has been extended to May 7, 2017. Its single ownership makes it possible for the same registrar ( to transfer to a new owner in a matter of days. We have always used the same reputable escrow service ( to protect buyers. The buyer is protected and the money is not released by to the seller until the transfer of the domain name is successfully made to the buyer AND the buyer is in control of the domain name. The process and transfer of a domain name to a new owner works as it should. It provides domain name buyers who email us with the assurance that they are in fact dealing with reputable people.

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Aerospace Retirement: With the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq and Afghanistan and the Obama Administration's planned scale-back of the U.S. defense, national security, and aerospace budgets, besides, the following DOT COM domain names, which were originally registered in 1998, are for sale now: AirForce Retirement (,  Army Retirement (,  Defense Department (, Defense Dept Retirement (, Marines Retirement (, Military Retirement (, NAVY retirement, and NASA retirement.

Photo Credits: U.S. Air Force and NASA

If you are employed by an American aerospace corporation, various retirement programs are available to you. With an aging population, creative aerospace engineers and workers will need retirement information. If you are an entrepreneur, the domain name is the vehicle to use to provide a much needed service to the aerospace industry. Make an offer on one or more of the registered domain names that are shown below and on this web site.

When the U.S Government and hundreds of thousands of American aerospace engineers and workers get together, you can bet that some exciting things can happen. It all depends on leadership and the will, determination, and creativity of a new generation of Americans who have some tough acts to follow.

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