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The White House
President of the United States -- Barack Obama

Placing domestic politics above the national security interests of the United States jeopardizes both the lives of innocent Americans and the constitutional obligation of the President to defend and protect our country. Encouraging the impeachment of the President may be a popular political move favored especially by the President's supporters, who are convinced that it would create a backlash against Republicans, but it will divide our nation during a period when all Americans must unite to win the war against terrorism. An analysis indicates that Republicans will not vote to impeach President Obama and he will not resign. However, a movement asking for his resignation will most likely achieve the desired results of getting members of the President's own Party to either publicly reject his policies or face humiliating defeats in 2016, much like what happened in 2014.

Accordingly, with great respect for the Office of the President, Americans are encouraged to exercise their Free Speech rights by developing a web site called for use with honesty and integrity where appropriate.

Following the Terrorist Attack in Paris, France on Friday 13th November 2015 and President Obama's inept response, I have called for his resignation and the Democratic Party to do the right thing or face the consequences on Election Day. Hopefully, political and responsible activists will develop going forward to protect the American public's right to know.
 The White House, the Capitol building, and the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.
The Three Branches of the U.S. Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) Are Comprised of Millions of Taxpayer-Supported Federal Employees

The White House and the Capitol building offer temporary living and working quarters for those politicians elected by the American people. Ideally, politicians from both major political parties should have as their priorities the best interests of the American people and protecting the national security interests of the United States. By and large, the millions of Americans employed by the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the U. S. government (civilian and military) execute their responsibilities honestly to the best of their abilities. The future status of many of these employees depends in part on each national election cycle.  On occasion, some politicians and taxpayer-supported federal employees and those bureaucrats, businesses and corporations under federal contracts will knowingly deviate from accepted business and ethical practices.

The domain name offers entrepreneurs and public "watchdogs" the opportunity to responsibly call to the attention of the press, media, government, and the American people the names of federal employees, contractors, and taxpayer-supported institutions that are incompetent and/or participate in dishonest practices detrimental to the United States. It is anticipated that, if developed and used properly, can become the vehicle that should pressure corrupt and self-serving federal employees to head for the exits before they are uncovered. The objective should be to create such a powerful and ethical oversight and "watchdog" capability that honest and competent federal employees and politicians, and especially young adults, will be encouraged to remain (or seek employment) in government.

It sometimes takes responsible public pressure to convince unethical or incompetent public employees to resign before they are either fired, removed from office, or do irreparable damage to our nation. Unfortunately, federal employees that have gravely wronged our nation have sometimes been protected by their taxpayer-supported superiors who are more concerned with their own image than the best interests of the United States. can help "level the playing field" by effectively protecting the public's right to know as intended by the U.S. Constitution. The events leading to the resignation of the 37th President of the United States (Richard M. Nixon -- see below) is an example of how legitimate political and public pressure contributed towards a president's decision to avoid putting our nation through an impeachment proceeding. The president voluntarily resigned following damaging revelations by his own staff, an investigation by the U.S. Senate,  investigative reporting by the press and media, mainly by The Washington Post (reporters Woodward and Bernstein), and at the urging of political leaders from his own party.

Disclosure: This private web site is not affiliated with the U.S. government. The use of official photographs and material does not imply endorsement by any federal official or branch of the U.S. government.

Impeachment or Resignation

Impeachment of any sitting U.S. president of the United States should not be a viable option unless treason, incompetence, or grave crimes at the highest levels of government have been committed that would seriously endanger the well being or survival of our country.

 If it is justifiable, our nation is best served when leaders on Capitol Hill from a president's own political party tell a sitting president face to face that for the sake of our nation, it is time to resign (i.e., the Nixon resignation).

Resignation is a better option than impeachment.

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November 29, 2012
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Voluntary resignations by high level public and private officials who have violated the public's trust can serve America's best interests when handled responsibly by all parties involved -- this includes the press, media, politicians, the judicial system and the general public.

Message by an American

"Just let every Senator and House member know that Americans will be organizing millions of senior citizens along with high school and college students, teachers, and professors to use the Internet to uncover waste, abuse, fraud, and corruption involving local, county, state, and federal level government employees and their contract awards and contractors. Americans cannot depend on self-serving politicians and their friends in "high places" to protect the United States on economic and national security matters."

"Concurrent with the above, Americans will be encouraged to support with their voices those persons and politicians, regardless of political affiliation, who honestly and competently serve the best interests of the United States with responsible transparency."

"The Domain Name can be used to take up legitimate causes that include protecting Americans and supporting  police officers throughout the United States. For example, on 20 December 2014, we asked Americans to call for the resignation of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, who along with President Obama, Attorney General Holder, and "Reverend" Al Sharpton,  publicly made statements that encouraged disrespect and violence directed against law enforcement authorities throughout the United States. The assassination of two American police officers in NYC on 20 December 2014, following earlier public denunciations against "police" by President Obama, "Reverend" Sharpton, Attorney General Holder, and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, obviously did not occur in a vacuum."

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The White House
President of the United States -- Barack Obama

The United States Senate
Senate Majority Leader -- Mitch McConnell (2016)

The United States House of Representatives
Speaker of the House -- John Boehner

Resigned 29 October 2015
Replaced by Hon. Paul Ryan on 29 Oct 2015

Included below are the official U.S. government web site addresses for finding any member of the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate (recommended non-government link suggested by "Sandra" -- thank you)