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The Domain Names and are FOR SALE and were originally registered in early 2007. Because all lotto and lottery domain names in this web site are owned by the same individual (registrant), this means that the original registrar ( can transfer domain name ownership in a matter of hours (using the same registrar) or in days (using to a new registrar selected by the buyer). We have always used the same reputable escrow service ( to protect buyers and the integrity of the sale. The money is not released by to the seller until it is confirmed that the domain name transfer was successful.
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Albania (AL)


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The internationally recognized two-letter country code of Albania is AL.
 The Zayra DOT COM Collection recommends the following official U.S. Government STATE DEPARTMENT web site for non-lotto information on Albania

The Republic of Albania  has a population of about 3 million people and is about three times larger than Maryland.*U.S. President George W. Bush was the first U.S. president to visit Albania. During his visit on Sunday 10 June 2007, he received a 21 gun salute and a very warm welcome by Albania's leaders and its people. Albania, which is predominately Moslem and endured a long term post World War II communist dictatorship, is today a democracy, has close relations with the United States and seeks entry into NATO and the European Union (EU). The book, "Of Firebirds and Moonmen" was authored by a first generation American whose parents emigrated from Albania. *U.S. Dept. of State @

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Cayman Islands  KY
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Gabon   GA
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Honduras HN
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Oman   OM
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Poland PL
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 Qatar   QA
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Saudi Arabia   SA
Senegal SN
Singapore SG


Slovenia SI
Somalia   SO
South Africa Flag of South Africa is two equal-width horizontal bands of red (top) and blue separated by a central green band which splits into a horizontal Y, the arms of which end at the corners of the hoist side; the Y embraces a black isosceles triangle from which the arms are separated by narrow yellow bands; the red and blue bands are separated from the green band and its arms by narrow white stripes. ZA
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Uruguay UY
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(The Democratic
Republic of the

Zambia ZM
Zimbabwe ZW
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   "The future belongs to the Internet and entrepreneurs who own prestigious self-explanatory Dot Com DOMAIN NAMES"

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When purchasing domain names from our collection, this gives YOU full ownership of the domain names. This means that YOU have full and EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to the domains, including the right to redirect any purchased domain to your current or another website.


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